FAQ: Medicinal Physiotherapy


  • Why would I need Medicinal Physiotherapy?
    To deal with any sort of physical ailment, injury or pain that is inhibiting your performance. This also includes more serious conditions such as spinal problems, auto-immune disorders, disease and other debilitating discomfort. Please check out our programs page for more detail (but not limiting to) what we offer our clients to optimize their healing.


  • What should I expect on my first visit?
    Please come 10 minutes early to complete your registration form. Our receptionist is fully certified and qualified to help you answer any questions should any confusion arise. We also ask for you to come with your prescription from your Doctor. The first prescription includes treatments for up to 9 sessions and your prescription can be renewed up to 4 times.
    We also ask that you bring a copy of your medical insurance.
    For those who do not have medical insurance, we do offer the option to pay privately for treatments of specific conditions and encourage you to inquire about our membership program.


  • How long are treatments?
    Treatments are generally around 30 min and upwards to an hour. The first session includes a consultation, assessment and personal program tailored to your specific needs.


  • How is Medicinal Physiotherapy different from Physiotherapy?
    Hanan, the founder, boasts over 20 years experience in both functional and manual Physiotherapy and is the most specialized and formally trained in all of Switzerland. Hanan has been accredited, recognized and certified internationally; is the only distributor and carrier of patented state-of-the-art equipment such as CoreAlign and BodyBalance both of which are available to patients of Medicinal Physiotherapy. We ensure that through integration of all of these complementary training and qualifications, your healing will be optimized. Once you are received as a patient, your programs are carefully crafted to suit your health goals and overseen by Hanan herself.


  • Are treatments painful?
    No, treatments are not painful. However you may have slight levels of discomfort depending on your condition. Basically, the results of your treatments depend on how much you put in. If you are actively trying to rehabilitate and heal, muscles may fatigue in your efforts but this is a positive sign—it means you are activating and engaging them which will promote shorter recovery times.
    We strongly advise our patients to stop their regular fitness routine until the treatment is effective. The risk of injury is increased and it makes it difficult to tell if the problems are from treatment or what patients are doing outside.


  • Who does the treatments?
    Hanan is responsible for all functional treatments and she has certified and highly skilled staff to assist with the manual treatments. Hanan has had the privilege of helping patients for over 20 years overcome pain, weakness, injury, herniations, fractures, and is she specialized in treating patients with severe or chronic ailments such as Parkinson’s Disease, Scoliosis, Multiple Sclerosis and more. One thing is certain, when you come to Medicinal Physiotherapy, your healing is in good hands.


  • What do I need to do after my treatment?
    It is common that your injury or condition will prevent you from going to work. If this is the case, Medicinal Physiotherapy can provide a written letter documenting your condition and request time off for your healing. Most people see and feel the benefits of their treatment immediately or after just two sessions. If the pain returns come back immediately for an assessment and an x-ray and further treatment.


  • Why should I choose Medicinal Physiotherapy?
    We are the best, don’t take our word for it, check out our testimonials.



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