Certification Exam and Fees

Price: Fr225 (student must complete the certification exam within one year (12 months)
Makeup: Fr 85/hr applied after 3 hours of missed class *price subject for review
Review: Fr 85/hr for review (subject after 12 months)
Retake: Fr 50/course
Min: Pass/Fail 80%

The student has one year from the last day of each course to take the certification exam. If the student takes longer than a year, a review hour must be scheduled with a certifying instructor at the rate of Fr 85/hr. This hour serves to ensure the student is on track with studying and the information hasn’t been lost throughout the year.

Exams for every All Populations l course includes a written and practical portion, All Populations ll includes only a Practical. A score of at least 80% is required to pass the written. The practical is graded as pass/fail.

The first exam consisting of ABP and the student’s first All Populations l course Exam is Fr 225. All following exams or retakes are fr50 per course

Payment Deadlines

Early bird price: 5% discount

Early bird deadline: One month before the start of the course.

Full Payment deadline: Two weeks before the start of the course.

PAI students receive 10% off ALL group classes at Pilates on Fifth beginning the day they complete their course payment until one month after that.

Late sign up (within 2 weeks of the start of the course): Fr 50 late sign up fee.

For offers payment plans. Please Email: contact@ny-international-school.com with specific inquiries.


Make up Hours

It is required that students attend every day of training. If a student has a conflict that cannot be resolved and must miss training hours, the student must notify PAI prior to the course. Make up hours must be scheduled with a certifying instructor at Fr 85/hour. (Note that 3 hours of missed group training does not necessarily equal 3 make up hours as a student is often able to go through material faster in a one-on-one setting. The number of review hours will be decided upon by the certifying instructor and the PAI directors).

Cancellation and Transfer Policy

Deposit: Fr 200/non-refundable

If student chooses to withdraw from training outside of two weeks prior to the start date, the course cost will be returned to the student with the exception of the Fr 200 non-refundable deposit. If the student chooses to withdraw from training within the two weeks prior to the start date or after the course begins, no refunds will be given but the payment is transferable.

If a student chooses to postpone training, the payment is transferable with a fr 50 transfer fee for 6 months. After 6 months, the payment is transferable for another 6 months with an additional Fr 100 transfer fee. After 1 year, the payment is non- transferable.

PAI holds the right to cancel a course with 1 month notice. In the event of a cancellation, all payments will be returned including the Fr 200 deposit

Guaranteed Results



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