Ante and Postnatal training Pregnancy is a perfectly normal state and Pilates will help you exercise as the body changes month by month. Not only will this help to exercise the body, Pilates will teach you body awareness, improve posture which will, in turn, reduce the strain on your joints. It will make sure your circulatory, lymphatic, respiratory and digestive systems work efficiently and ensure your balance and coordination stays working as your center of gravity shifts. Pilates will teach you breathing and relaxation skills which will prove invaluable throughout the pregnancy and also during the birth. Pilates may help to prevent pelvic girdle pain as hormonal changes affect your ligaments. It will improve upper body posture and prevent possible shoulder and neck problems as additional weight of breasts and laxity of the ligaments increases. Pilates strengthens the deep core muscles and this will help support the growing weight of the baby and keep your spine safe and may be helpful in reducing back pain. Pilates exercises will keep foot, ankle, and knees strong as weight increases and prepare the pelvic floor for the birth and postnatal recovery. Ante and Postnatal. Hanan and Susanne will be able to supervise your exercise program as they are up to date in the latest information and will work closely with your health practitioners.